Title 12

No seriously, get out of the kitchen.


The episode begins with Triangle and Disk talking about their lost after jack came back, Disk notices that the rest of their team is missing until Board and Mp3 show up, Mp3 is seen reading a book about a talking Cola Can, then DS shows up saying that the Cola Can sounds very familier, Dr.Lemon says that it is the stupidist thing he's ever heard and kicks Mp3, later on Computer Screen tells the contestants to meet him at the dining hall, the challenge is a cooking challenge and everyone prepares for their foods, however LSU Book and Star are fighting because LSU Book is shown to not be a real object.


  •  This is the longest episode ever done in IF-O history to date.
  • This is the first time Computer Screen is shown with his own mouth set.
  • This whole episode is a tribute to Total Drama Island episode 10: "If You Can't Take the Heat".

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