Didn't BFDI do rock climbing on a race course?


Ball asks Kool Aid and Jack if they can believe that it's Halloween, Kool Aid responds that she can't believe it either, Jack asks who the girls were gonna dress up as, Ball asked if it looked like they cared for candy, Jack references the previous episode on Ball eating those hot dogs and Ball burns Jack up from a random Fire from Episode 2. At elimination, the contestants were at a new elimination area, and the prize was 7 flavors of gelatin, CS was dressed as a pirate and took the beard off when MP3 and Bird told him to get on with the votes, at the end of the elimination Bird got 16 votes and was knocked to the B.O.D. Triangle wonders what was going on with her team and noticed that Bowl has done nothing after episode 1, the challenge was a rock climbing contest, however this was an individual contest since both teams were seperate for this episode. All of them did well. The 5 to get prizes (Water Bottles) were Dollar, Kool-Aid, LSU Book, Triangle, and Board. The 5 who were up for elimination were Cola Can, Bowl, Sword, Face, And Jack. Then, a lemon showed up out of nowhere and asked if he could vote and Computer Screen said no, only the viewers. Afterward, the Lemon took Dollar's fries and mistook them for chicken.


  • This is the second episode to appear on MegaAnimazing's channel.
  • Due to Tyler Bungard's absence, he was replaced with a different voice actor, for he is not revealed at all.
  • This episode turns out to be MegaAnimazing's worst episode he's made, this is because he regrets doing the voice of Bird's lines for Emonga.
  • It is Unknown who voiced Computer screen,it it possibly being MegaAmazing's Dad