Prepare to get hungry, cause this challenge is about food.


Dollar is hoping to not be eliminated cause he doesn't want viewers tp think that he's nothing better than a penny, until Star gets some sense into Dollar to stop talking about how much he costs cause he's 100 cents. At Elimination, the Tomato's notice the elimination area and Bowl says that it is fine, but looking at Dollar telling him that he doesn't want to here him ask about how much the area costed due to CS making it, the contestants had 41 votes and the prizes were marshmallows. When it came down to Dollar and Key the results were shown that Key (The Derp) was eliminated, and his final word was Pizza until getting hit to the Box of Despair. Bowl says that Key deserved to be out while Board said that it didn't feel nice, Ball asks if they're going to have a another challenge which was hot dog eating. Board tells Dollar that it could be hard for them since their armless, while the Pizzas were doing well. in the end the Pizza's got 200 Hot dogs eating while the Tomato's had 196 leading them up for another elimination.


  • This is the first Episode overall to be posted on MegaAnimazing's account.
  • This is the first elimination
  • Key is the first male and first contestant overall to be eliminated.
  • This is the last time Tyler Bungard voices Dollar, Key, Star, Lightning Bolt, and Bowl (he never had a line for Jack) before being missing.