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The Plot is:

This is about a bunch of animated objects competing for $1,000,000. Each episode, some of them wil be up for elimination and whoever is eliminated goes to the Box of Despair.

People who work on the show

NewTDFan16/MegaAnimazing - President, Head animator, Voice actor

EmongaLovaa/EmongaAwesome - Voice Actress

RetrotheRetro/Retro Guy - Voice Actor

DeeandEd - Voice Actor

BrannFlakes - Voice Actor, Animator

UltraToons - Voice Actor

BFDIDubita23 - Voice Actor

Uxie126 - Voice Actress

OfficialMatrVincent- Voice Actor, Writer

CoolioDough?- Storyboard Artist

AnimationCreated - Voice Actor

AsaphDaKing - Voice Actor

WhiteImator - Animator

Fland - Animator

Area - Graphics Designer, Animator

Hurricanehunterjackson HHJ - Graphics Designer

Legoboynj Animations - Animator

FusionAnimations - Animator

UpArrow - Animator

Rival Race - Animator

Cormac Oliver - Animator

Necro Diamond - Voice Actor

Allenimations - Animator

Bensworld Fusies - Animator

Nic J. - Voice Actor

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    Comment: what will happen in episode 18? will cola can kill everyone will everyone survive will show be cancelled  the world may never i know but i do want to...
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    New page: Box of Despair No Title No information The Box of Despair is where the eliminated contestants go after they have been eliminated in...
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