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Welcome To The Inanimate Fight-Out Wiki!

For those who are new, check out OJ InanimateInsanity's Help Blog: This Blog Right Here!

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The Plot is:

This is about a bunch of animated objects competing for $1,000,000. Each episode, some of them wil be up for elimination and whoever is eliminated goes to the Box of Despair.

People who work on the show

TDFan16/MegaAnimazing- President, Head animator, Voice actor

SierraStalker- Vice-President, Voice actress.

EmongaLovaa- Voice Actress

RetrotheRetro/Retro Guy- Voice Actor

DeeandEd- Voice Actor

AndrewTheEpic02- Voice Actor

UltraToons- Voice Actor

BFDIDubita23- Voice Actor

Uxie126- Voice Actress

AwesomePro403- Voice Actor

OfficialMatrVincent- Voice Actor

The Latest ActivityEdit

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