There will be another Recommended Character contest! A maximum of 2 RC's can be entered per user! 


You will be added to the list after you comment

1. Flashlight - OrangeBirdMaster2

2. Barrel - MRace2010 (he's armless)

3. Steering Wheel - OrangeBirdMaster2

4. Ballgown- RR44

5. Rollercoaster- RR44 (He's Armless)

6. Pryamid - LLL (Design on my page XD)

7. Microphone - LLL

8. Dr.Lemon-S321

9.  Hologram - MRace2010

10. Telephone - SierraStalker

11. Soap - TDFGeek9

12. Lamp- BerryLeaf

13. Cord- BerryLeaf

14. Headphones- TDFGeek9

15. 3-Ball- RetroRuoy

16. 6-Ball- RetroRuoy

17. Canadian Flag - Tyler Bungard

18. DS- alex funnycake

19. Map- Teenchampion

20. Soda Can- AwesomePro434

(contest is over, the RC's will have a contest of their own on episode 9.)

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