I only Need 20 for this. I got a few so Here they are.

Recomended CharactersEdit

Orange- My brother

DevilFruit- My Brother

Cup- Tomas Ramirez

Glasses- Tomas Ramirez

Tape- Tyler Bungard


Dice- Tyler Bungard

Cheese- Tomas Ramirez

Red Lego Brick- Tyler Bungard

Banana - OJ InanimateInsanity

Scissors- Firey123

Bubblegum - OJ InanimateInsanity


Cookie- Tomas Ramirez

Taffy- Tomas Ramirez


Lollipop- Tomas Ramirez

Canada Flag-JonMcgillis

Hot Dog-JonMcgillis

Face Book- Tomas Ramirez

  • the contest is over, the characters will appear in episode 4.5*