This episode is currently the only special one, and is placed after Episode 4 and before Episode 5, featuring a recommended character contest


To be improved

Computer Screen calls the producer of Inanimate Fight-Out and he tells CS to make a Recommended Character Contest. After that, CS tells about it to the viewers and shows every 20 wannabe debutter. In order: Orange, Devil Fruit, Cup, Glasses, Disk, Tape, Dice, Cheese, Lego, Banana, Scissors, Bubblegum, Pizza, Cookie, Taffy, Egg, Lollipop, Canada Flag, Hotdog and Facebook. At the end CS reveals that the voters already voted, and that the official debutter was revealed, and it could've been revealed in next episode.


  • It's the first time that a human appears on the show.
  • This is the first recommended character contest of the season.