We're getting very EXPLOSIVE aren't we?


The episode begins with Jack introducing himself to his new team, Team Plum, and Jack and Soda Can say who they think will be eliminated. VLC Player then explains the rules of a double elimination. The two eliminated were Bird and Face.

Then two fake ads went along, one about a terrible resteraunt, the other on a fake object show. The challenge was to invade other team's base, and it ended nearly instantly, with Team Plum blowing up Team Tomato's base.

Computer Screen then announced that the contestants can now vote instead of the viewers. Dollar got eliminated in the end.


  • Ball voted, but she's on Team Pizza, not Team Tomato.
  • A bit of VLC Player isn't animated.
  • This is the first episode to introduce a contestants vote.
  • As shown on the release date, this episode came out the same day as Object Twoniverse. Sept 15, 2013

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