aka Jacob

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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Rping, Camp making and eating Pizzas
  • I am Male, DUH!
  • Russelrules44

    Hey there, It's Jacob, Guess what? I'm starting a new series called Brawl Around the World, Takes place in World War II plane that almost never works! (Until now surprisingly) And we're taking 18 objects around the world! Here are the 18 objects you can be.


    Fence "The Indepentant Genius"-

    Wand "The Geek"-

    Cookie "The Silly One"-

    Pyramid "The Old One"-

    TV "The Fun One"-

    Nail "The Evil Stratigist"-

    Carrot "The Easy-Going Gal"-

    Diamond "The British Snob"-

    Spoon "The Quiet Builder"-

    Fries "The Adventerous One"-

    Rose "The Hunky Heartbreaker"-

    Fish "The Vomit Comet"-

    Hat "The Dumb Gangster"-

    Bell "The Kind One"-

    Ketchup "The Sweet One"-

    Mustard "The Sweet One's BCFF (Best Condiment Friend Forever)"

    Tree "The Health Nut"-

    Milk "The Extreme Jockey"-

    Fence, …

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