this is a show that got me into making Inanimate Fight-Out. Here are the cast members that were and are still in.

  • Crazy Eyes labled " Crazy Eyes" ELIMATED 28th place
  • Zelda labled "The Weak Princess"
  • A.J. labled "Normal Boy"
  • Smiley labled "Crazy Face"
  • Tomas labled "Creative Drawing Dude"
  • Eric labled " Trent the second"
  • -Mom labled " Dancer 1"
  • Swagger Dude labled "Awesome Friend"
  • Flow labled "Cutie Pie"
  • Sam Dancer labled "Dancer 2"
  • Epic Slim Jim labled " Man's best snack" (Tomas' favorite)
  • Mt.Rushmore labled "The 4 headed stick figure" ELIMATED 29th place
  • Kayleigh labled "Tomas' Crush" ELIMINATED 23rd place
  • Cooper labled "The Biggest Baseball Fan"
  • Gulpin labled "Smart Twin"
  • Frosty labled "Kid Lover" (Tomas' favorite) ELIMATED 26th place
  • Bonk labled "The Blue Square"(Tomas' favorite)
  • Zapp labled "The Cool Jock"(Tomas' favortie)
  • Asis labled "The Mean Warrior"(Tomas' favortie)
  • Micheal labled "Tomas' Wiki Friend"
  • Russel labled "The Bodyswaping guy"
  • Chevy labled "The Book Reader"
  • Josh labled "Tomas' Best Friends"
  • Avater labled "The Air-bender"
  • Mario labled "The Super Hero" (Tomas' favorite) ELIMINATED 25th place
  • Luigi labled "The Shy Brother"
  • Wario labled "The Mean Bros" ELIMINATED 24th place
  • Waluigi labled "The Mean Bros" ELIMATED 27th place
  • Gorchdude labled "The Good Looking hair dude" (Tomas' favortie)
  • ==Team==
  • Team Beasts:Wario,Asis,E.S.J., Tomas,Trent,S.D.,Zapp,Avater,Zelda,Flow, Gorchdude,and Smiley
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    Team Beasts Logo( A stick figure thats really strong)

  • Team Demon:Josh,Chevy,Micheal, Russell,-Mom,A.J.,Bonk,Luigi,Kayleigh,Cooper,Gulpin,Sam
    Team Demon